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Displaying Parts of a Table with AutoFilter
Displaying Parts of a Table with AutoFilter
Working with a list that contains numerous records can be difficult—unless you can nar-
row your view of the list. For example, rather than looking through an entire inventory
list, you might want to see records that come from one distributor. The AutoFilter feature
creates a list of the items found in each field, which is useful in tables and PivotTables.
You select the items that you want to display in the column field by using the column
header list arrow and AutoFilter menu. The column headers in a table now remain visible
in long lists for ease of use. In the AutoFilter menu, you can use the Search box to quickly
find what you want in a long list. Then you can work with the filtered list.
Display Specific Records Using AutoFilter
Click anywhere within the table.
Click the Data tab.
If necessary, click the Filter button to highlight and turn it on.
Click the column header list arrow where you want to set filter criteria.
Select the filter criteria you want:
Select Items. Select the items that records must match to be included in the
Search. Enter search criteria, and then press Enter.
Built-in Filters. Point to <Column Name> Filters , and then select a filter
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