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Create a PivotTable
In the Fields pane, select or deselect the check boxes next to the fields to add
or remove data in the PivotTable.
Add Multiple Tables. Click More Tables ( New ! ), and then click Yes , if
asked, to use the Data Model.
Create a PivotTable
Click anywhere within the table range or select a range of cells.
To quickly create a PivotTable, click the Quick Analysis button ( New ! ), click
Tables , point to a PivotTable button to preview the data, and then click a
PivotTable button.
Each PivotTable button as you go right adds more data. The More button acts
like the PivotTable button on the Insert tab.
To create a chart with more control, click the Insert tab, and then continue.
Click the PivotTable button.
Click the Select a table or range option, or click the Use an external data
source option, click Choose Connection , and then select a connection/data
Click the New worksheet option or Existing worksheet option, and specify a
cell range.
To use multiple tables in a PivotTable, select the Add this data to the Data
Model check box ( New ! ).
Click OK .
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