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Updating a PivotTable or PivotChart
To add multiple tables, click More Tables ( New ! ), and then click Yes , if asked,
to use the Data Model.
To change a field position, drag the field in the Field list to another one of the
following boxes:
Values. Use to display summary numeric data.
Rows. Use to display fields as rows on the side of the report. Axis field in a
Columns. Use to display fields as columns at the top of the report. Legend
field in a PivotChart.
Filters. Use to filter the entire report based on the selected item in the report
Right-click a field in the Field list to access move and other related field
Each time you make a change, the layout is automatically updated.
To enable manual layout updating, select the Defer layout update check box.
Click Update to manually update the report layout.
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