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Modifying a PivotTable
Modifying a PivotTable
You can use the Analyze tab under PivotTable Tools to modify a PivotTable to summarize,
organize, and display the information you want to present. Many of the options—Group,
Clear, Select, or Move—are similar to the ones available for Excel tables and charts. You
can use the Options button to change PivotTable layout, format, totals, filter, display, print-
ing and data settings. Use the Field Setting button to change field layout, print, subtotals,
and filter settings. Use the Drill buttons to view different levels of details in complex data
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Modify a PivotTable
Click any field in the PivotTable report.
Click the Analyze tab under PivotTable Tools.
To change PivotTable options, click the Options button, make the changes you
want, and then click OK .
To change field settings, select the field you want to change, click the Field
Settings button, make changes, and then click OK .
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