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Formatting a PivotTable
Formatting a PivotTable
After you create a PivotTable, you can use formatting tools on the Design tab under
PivotTable Tools to modify the look and feel of a PivotTable. Formatting a PivotTable
can be quick and easy with PivotTable Quick Styles. When you create a PivotTable, Excel
displays a standard set of elements, including headings, columns, and rows. You can se-
lect or clear options on the Design tab to quickly format a PivotTable the way you want.
Layout buttons, such as Subtotals, Grand Totals, Report Layout, and Blank Row, give you
additional options to show or hide PivotTable elements.
Format a PivotTable Report
Click any field in the PivotTable report.
Click the Design tab under PivotTable Tools.
Click the More list arrow for PivotTable Styles, and then click the PivotTable
style you want.
Select or clear the PivotTable format options you want to turn on or off:
Row Headers.
Column Headers.
Banded Rows.
Banded Columns.
Click any of the following layout buttons to select options to show or hide
PivotTable elements:
Subtotals. Show or hide subtotals.
Grand Totals. Turn on or off grand totals for columns or rows.
Report Layout. Set to compact, outline, or tabular form.
Blank Row. Insert or remove a blank line after each item.
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