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Saving a Workbook
Saving a Workbook
When you create an Excel workbook, you can save it to your computer, SkyDrive ( New ! )
cloud-based online storage system, or Office 365 SharePoint service ( New ! ). When you
save a workbook for the first time or if you want to save a copy of a file, use the Save
As command. When you want to save an open workbook, use the Save button on the
Quick Access Toolbar. When you save a workbook, Excel 2013 saves 97-2003 files in
an older format using compatibility mode and 2007-2013 files in an XML (Extensible
Markup Language) based file format. The XML format significantly reduces file sizes,
provides enhanced file recovery, and allows for increased compatibility, sharing, reuse,
and transportability. If you have issues with leap year for 1900, you can use the Strict
Open XML format ( New ! ) with ISO8601. An Excel 97-2003 workbook stays in compat-
ibility mode—indicated on the title bar—until you convert it to the 2007-2013 file format.
Compatibility mode disables new features that cannot be displayed or converted well by
previous versions.
Save a Workbook for Excel 2013
Click the File tab, and then click Save As .
Click Computer .
Click Browse or a recent folder.
Click the Save in list arrow, and then select the location where you want to
save the file.
Type a workbook file name.
Click the Save as type list arrow, and then click Excel Workbook .
To enter Document properties, click the Authors or Tags box, and then enter
the text you want.
Click Save .
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