Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Working with Accounts
Navigate to the location where you want to save the file.
Type a workbook file name.
Click the Save as type list arrow, and then click Excel Workbook .
To change browser view options, click Browser View Options , select options
to view workbooks, and then click OK .
Click Save .
Working with Accounts
When you set up Excel 2013 or Office 2013, it requests a Microsoft account to work with
online services, such as SkyDrive or SharePoint. You can add, switch, or modify accounts
or sign out entirely. You can also use to other online services ( New ! ), such as Flickr and
YouTube for images and video, and Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for sharing. Before
you can use the services, you need to add them to Excel, which requires an established
account with a user name and password.
Work with Online Accounts
Click the File tab, and then click Account ( New ! ).
Click the User Account list arrow, and then click an account option.
Click any of the following links:
Change photo. Click to open your account profile.
About me. Click to open your account profile.
Sign out. Click to sign out of your account.
Switch Account. Click to switch or add accounts.
Click the Back button to exit the File tab.
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