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Insert a Solid or Gradient Fill
on a Slide Background
Open a presentation in PowerPoint and select your
desired slides.
In the Ribbon, click the Design tab.
In the Background group, click the dialog box launcher
(arrow) next to Background Styles. In the Format
Background dialog box, select Fill tab and select Solid
Fill or Gradient Fill.
If you chose Solid Fill in Step 3, select your desired
color from the drop-down palette, as shown in
Figure 8-12. Adjust your transparency to your desired
Figure 8-12: Insert a solid fill on your background
If you chose Gradient in Step 3, specify your options,
such as colors, gradient type, direction, angle, and
transparency percentage, as shown in Figure 8-13.
Note that stops refers to the particular colors that
comprise the gradient.
Click Close to apply the solid color or gradient to the
selected slide(s). Click Apply To All to apply the solid
color or gradient to all of your slides.
Figure 8-13: Insert a gradient on your background
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