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Apply Quick Styles
Open a presentation in PowerPoint and select your
desired slide.
Choose the element on your slide to which you want to
apply a Quick Style.
In the Ribbon, click the Home tab and the <your
element name>Tools tab.
In the Drawing group, click Quick Styles and choose your
desired style from the drop-down palette, as shown in
Figure 8-14. You find styles that include various colors,
line styles, shadows, 3-D effects, gradients, and borders.
Figure 8-14: Apply a Quick Style
Note that Quick Styles also appears in the Ribbon with
different names depending on what you’re applying them
to, as shown in Figure 8-15. Here’s a quick guide to what
they’re called and where they’re found in the Ribbon:
For SmartArt graphics: Design And SmartArt Tools,
SmartArt Styles group
Picture Styles: Format And Picture Tools, Picture
Styles group
Shape Styles: Format And Drawing Tools, Shapes
Styles group
WordArt Styles: Format And Picture Tools, WordArt
Styles group
Text Styles: Format And Drawing Tools, WordArt
Styles group
Figure 8-15: Names of Quick Styles change depending on the slide element selected
Quick Styles change how the colors, fonts, and effects are applied
to your slide elements. They affect everything from tables and
charts to SmartArt and shapes. Think of Quick Styles as going
handin-hand with themes.
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