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Insert a Picture from Clip Art
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Click the slide where you want the clip art to appear.
In the Ribbon, click the Insert tab. In the Illustration
group, click Clip Art. The Clip Art task pane appears.
In the Search For box, enter a keyword that describes the
art you’re looking for.
In the Search In box, select the collections from the
drop-down list that you want PowerPoint to search in for
your art. You can choose Everywhere (all collections),
My Collections (clips you’ve stored on your hard drive),
Office Collections (clips that are part of the Office
suite), and Web Collections (clips located on the Web).
Figure 9-1: Insert clip art into your slide
In the Results Should Be box, select your desired media
type from the drop-down list. Choose from All Media
Types, Clip Art, Photographs, Movies, and Sounds. For
specific file formats under each media type, click the
plus sign to expand the directory.
Click Organize Clips at the bottom of the Clip Art task pane to add,
rearrange, or delete clips from your collections.
For search keywords, you can also enter all or part of the filename of
the art. If you don’t know the exact name, you can use a question mark
to substitute for a single character in a name or use an asterisk to
substitute for multiple characters in the name. If you type two words, such
as yellow leaves, in the Search For box, PowerPoint searches for clips
using the keywords yellow and leaves. If you type two words enclosed
by quotation marks, such as “yellow leaves,” the program searches for
clips that contain the phrase yellow leaves. And if you type in two words
separated by a comma, such as yellow, leaves, PowerPoint searches for
clips with the keywords yellow or leaves.
Click the Go button.
In the Results box, click the thumbnail of your desired
clip. It is then inserted into your slide, as shown in
Figure 9-1. To find similar clips (if the clip has a defined
style), click the down arrow on the right of the clip and
select Find Similar Style from the pop-up list. Note that
you can also insert, copy, or delete clips from this
popup list.
The Clip Organizer holds your clips. Clips include clip art, photos, sounds,
and videos. In addition to the Office clips that automatically reside in the
Clip Organizer, you can access Office clips on the Web. You can also
import and store your own clips in the Clip Organizer. Use this powerful
tool to organize, find, and insert your clips.
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