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Insert Pictures in a Photo Album
In the Ribbon, click the Insert tab. In the Illustrations
group, click the arrow next to Photo Album and select
New Photo Album to add a picture to a new photo
album. Or select Edit Photo album to add a picture to
an existing photo album.
In the Photo Album dialog box, click Insert Picture
From File/Disk.
In the Insert New Pictures dialog box, navigate to and
add the images you want in your album. You can insert
pictures from files on your hard drive, as shown in
Figure 9-8. You can also select multiple images at the
same time. Click Insert.
Figure 9-8: Insert images into your photo album
To preview the image, make sure that it’s selected in the
Pictures In Album list. Rearrange the order of any of
your photos and text boxes by clicking the up and down
arrows directly under the Pictures In Album list.
You can also fix your images, as follows:
Rotate: Click the Rotate Left or Rotate Right buttons.
Contrast: Click the More Contrast or Less Contrast
Brightness: Click the More Brightness or Less
Brightness buttons.
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