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Crop a Picture
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Select the picture you want to crop.
Cropping is one of the easiest things you can do to improve the
composition of your pictures and home in on the focal point.
Note that you can also “outcrop” a picture. Drag your cursor
outward from your picture to add a margin around the image.
In the Ribbon, click the Format/Picture Tools tab. In the
Size group, click Crop.
Position your cursor over a cropping handle and drag,
as shown in Figure 9-13. To crop equally on two sides
simultaneously, press the Ctrl key as you drag the center
crop handle on a side. To crop equally on all four sides
simultaneously, press the Ctrl key as you drag a corner
crop handle.
Click anywhere in your slide outside the selected picture
to deselect the Crop tool.
To restore a picture to its original size, click the Format/Picture
Tools tab in the Ribbon. In the Size group, click the Dialog Box
Launcher in the bottom right corner. In the Size And Position dialog
box, click the Size tab and uncheck the Lock Aspect Ratio option.
Click Reset. But remember, you can’t undo a crop if you compressed
your image by selecting the Delete Cropped Areas Of Pictures
option and either the Print or Screen output option.
Figure 9-13: Crop a picture
Photo Credit: PhotoSpin
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