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Flip or Rotate a Picture
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Select the picture you want to flip or rotate. You can also
flip or rotate shapes and WordArt.
In the Ribbon, click the Format/Picture Tools (Drawing
Tools for shapes and WordArt) tab. In the Arrange
group, click Rotate.
Select Rotate Right 90°, Rotate Left 90°, Flip Vertical,
Flip Horizontal, or More Rotation Options, as shown in
Figure 9-14.
If you selected More Rotation Options in Step 5, in the
Size And Position dialog box, click the Size tab.
Figure 9-14: Rotate or flip your pictures
Photo Credit: PhotoSpin
Enter your desired amount in the Rotation field.
You can also manually rotate your picture. Simply drag the rotation
handle (top center green circular handle) clockwise or
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