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Recolor Pictures and Clip Art
Want more control over editing your clip art? If you inserted a Windows
Metafile (.wmf) from the Clipboard, first convert it into a drawing
object by right-clicking the clip art and choosing Edit Picture. Click Yes in
the dialog box. Use the tools in the Ribbon on the Format And Drawing
Tools tab to modify the individual components of the clip art. Note that
you can’t modify bitmap files like JPEG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF, which can be
modified only in an image-editing program.
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Select a picture that needs a color adjustment.
In the Ribbon, click the Format/Picture Tools tab.
In the Adjust group, click Recolor.
From the drop-down palette, choose from
No Color: Reverts the picture back to its default color
Color Modes: Choose from the following:
Grayscale: Converts the picture to a grayscale image
Sepia: Converts the picture to a brownish image,
reminiscent of vintage photos
Black And White: Converts the picture to a black-and-
white image (two levels, either black or white)
Washout: Desaturates the image
Dark Variations: Colorizes the image with a hue and
shade of black
Light Variations: Colorizes the image with a hue and
tint of white
More Variations: Brings up a color palette where you
can select your own color
Figure 9-18: Adjust the color of a picture
Photo Credit: PhotoSpin
Your picture’s color is adjusted, as shown in Figure 9-18.
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