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Compress a Picture to
Reduce File Size
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Select the picture, or pictures, you want to compress.
Figure 9-20: Compressing pictures
makes file sizes smaller
Compressing pictures shrinks their file sizes and allows them to
download from the Web faster.
In the Ribbon, click the Format/Picture Tools tab. In the
Adjust group, click Compress Pictures.
In the Compress Pictures dialog box, select whether you
want to apply the compression to selected pictures only.
If you don’t select this option, all your pictures will be
Next, click the Options button for different types or
levels of compression, as shown in Figure 9-20:
Automatically Perform Basic Compression On Save:
Compresses the picture information to create a
smaller file when you save the file.
Delete Cropped Areas Of Pictures: Deletes areas of
the pictures that were hidden during cropping.
Target Output: Choose the resolution that is
appropriate for your desired medium — print, screen, or
Click OK.
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