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Add Effects
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Select the Shape(s), text, WordArt, clip art, or picture to
which you want to add a shadow effect.
In the Ribbon, click the Format/Picture Tools tab. In the
Picture Styles group, you can select one of the many
preset styles, or . . .
In the Picture Styles group, click Picture Effects and
choose your desired effect, such as shadow, glow, or
bevel, from the drop-down palette. Your options vary
according to the element you’ve selected.
Figure 9-21: Choose your desired effect style
Select the style of effect you want from the second flyout
palette, as shown in Figure 9-21.
To change the specific settings of that effect, such as
position or color, select <name of your effect> Options.
Your effect is applied, as shown in Figure 9-22. To remove
the effect, select No <name of effect>.
Note that when working with shapes, text or WordArt, menus will
change to DrawingTools, Shape Styles, Shape Effects, WordArt Styles,
and Text Effects.
Figure 9-22: Effects can add additional interest to your art
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