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Format Table Text
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
In Normal view, under the Slides tab, select the slide
that contains the table you want to format.
Highlight your text within the cell, row, or column.
In the Ribbon, click the Home tab. In the Font group,
choose your desired font attributes, as shown in
Figure 10-9.
To format text alignment, in the Ribbon, click the
alignment buttons in the Paragraph group. You can also click
the Layout tab and in the Alignment group, click the
buttons to align text left, center, or right. You can also
align text to the top, bottom, or center of the cells.
Figure 10-9: Format table text
You can also specify the margins of the table cells. Select your desired cells
or the entire table and then click Cells in the Alignment group and choose
your desired options to add space around the content within the cell.
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