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Add and Modify Table
Columns and Rows
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
In Normal view, under the Slides tab, select the slide
that contains the table you want to modify.
Select the table, and in the Ribbon, click the Layout tab.
To add a row, click in the row above or below where the
new row is to be inserted.
In the Rows And Columns group, click Insert Above or
Insert Below. To add multiple rows, select the number of
rows you want to add within the displayed table and
then choose your Insert option. The same number of
selected rows is inserted while the selected cells move
above or below them, depending on your Insert selection.
Figure 10-10: Add a new row or column
To add a column, click in the column to the right or left
where the new column is to be inserted.
In the Rows And Columns group, click Insert Right or
Insert Left. We added a column to the right, as shown in
Figure 10-10. To add multiple columns, select the
number of columns you want to add and then choose your
Insert option. A table with added rows and columns
appears in Figure 10-11.
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