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Create an Organization Chart
Open a presentation in PowerPoint. Navigate to the
slide on which you want to put your org chart.
In the Ribbon, click the Insert tab. In the Illustrations
group, click SmartArt.
In the Choose SmartArt Graphic dialog box, from the
list of types on the left, click Hierarchy.
Choose the Organization Chart layout and click OK, as
shown in Figure 11-7. Your basic organization chart
appears on your slide.
Figure 11-7: Insert an organization chart
To add text to the chart, click in the Text placeholder
and type. You can also enter your text in the Text pane.
Click the Text pane button in the Ribbon (or click the
arrows on the left of the chart bounding box) and enter
your text in the pane, as shown in Figure 11-8.
To manually modify the size of the diagram, select the chart and
drag the corner sizing handle on the border, which proportionally
resizes the chart.
Although using SmartArt is the preferred method, you can also
create an organization chart using the Organization Chart Add-in.
Make sure that the Add-in is installed before you start. Installation
depends on your operating system. For instructions, type “Where
Can I find Microsoft Office Organization Chart Add-in” in the
PowerPoint Help search field. Once installed, click the Insert tab in
the Ribbon. Then in the Text Group, click Object and in the Insert
Object dialog box, choose Organization Chart Add-in from the
Object Type list. To add boxes, click the button for your desired box
type. To add text, click inside a box. When done, choose File
Figure 11-8: Enter the text for your chart boxes
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