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Insert Sound from a CD
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
In Normal view, in the Slides pane, select the slide you
want to add sound to.
Make sure that your CD is in your CD drive.
In the Ribbon, click the Insert tab.
In the Media Clips group, click the arrow under Sound
and select Play CD Audio Track from the drop-down list.
Figure 12-5: Insert an audio track
from a CD
In the Insert CD Audio dialog box, select your desired
track (song) or tracks, as shown in Figure 12-5.
Set your Timing, Play, and Display options:
• Check Loop Until Stopped to have your music play
repeatedly until you stop it.
• Click the Sound Volume icon to access the volume
• Choose whether to hide the sound icon during your
slide show.
Click OK.
A dialog box asks whether you want the sound to play
automatically when you display the slide or when you
click the CD icon; click your choice. A CD icon appears
on your slide, as shown in Figure 12-6.
To test the sound quality, double-click the CD icon on
your slide.
Figure 12-6: A CD icon indicates audio from a CD
Remember, the music from the CD is not embedded into your
presentation. You must have the actual CD in your CD drive to play the
music during your show.
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