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If you chose the first slide in your presentation in Step 2,
proceed to Step 9. If you selected another slide in your
presentation in Step 2, a second, smaller Record Narration
alert box appears. Click either Current Slide or First Slide
to indicate where you want your narration to begin.
Your presentation now appears in Slide Show view.
Speak your narration into the microphone. When you’re
done with the narration for that slide, click the slide to
advance to the next slide. Continue your narration for the
next slide. Repeat these steps for your entire presentation.
You can pause your narration by right-clicking the slide and choosing
Pause Narration from the context menu. To resume your narration,
choose Resume Narration using the same method.
Figure 12-11: Slide timings for your narration appear under each slide
If you make a mistake, you can rerecord part of the narration. Go
to the slide you want to rerecord and follow Steps 1 through 7.
When you’re done rerecording the portions you want to change,
press Esc and go to Step 11.
When the black “end of presentation” screen appears,
click it. Your narration is saved.
A message appears, asking you whether you’d also like
to save the slide timings (shown below each slide).
If you click Save, your presentation will appear in Slide
Sorter view with timings displayed under each slide, as
shown in Figure 12-11. If you click Don’t Save, you will
return to your first slide. To preview a narration,
doubleclick the Sound icon.
You can run your slide show with the narration but without your
saved timings. Click the Slide Show tab and in the Set Up group,
click Set Up Slide Show and under Advance Slides, click Manually,
as shown in Figure 12-12.
Figure 12-12: Choose to advance your slides manually
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