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Insert an Action Button
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Go to the slide on which you want to insert an Action
Click the Insert tab. In the Illustration group, click
Shapes and choose your desired Action button from
the drop-down palette.
Click on the slide to place the button.
In the Action Settings dialog box, shown in Figure 13-15,
specify your desired action. Select Mouse Click or
Mouse Over by clicking the desired tab. Then set the
destination link for your hyperlink. You can also assign
a sound to the action. For details on these settings, see
the preceding section, “Show Highlights or Play Sounds
on Hyperlinks.”
Figure 13-15: Choose your button style
Click OK.
On our slide, shown in Figure 13-16, we chose Previous
and Next buttons. When the user clicks, he goes to the
previous or next slide. We also resized our buttons by
simply dragging a corner sizing handle.
Insert action buttons (such as Previous, Next, and Play) to help your
viewers navigate through your presentation, and they’re especially
helpful for self-running presentations on the Web or in kiosks.
You can also insert action buttons on all your slides. Simply insert the
action buttons on your slide master(s). For more on slide masters,
see Chapter 4.
Figure 13-16: Arrange and size your actions buttons
Photo Credit: PhotoSpin
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