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Add a Different Transition
to Each Slide
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
In Normal view, click the Home tab.
In the Slides pane, select a slide thumbnail.
In the Ribbon, click the Animations tab.
In the Transition To This Slide group, select your
desired transition, as shown in Figure 13-19. To access
additional transitions, click the arrow to the right of the
transition effects).
Figure 13-19: Apply transitions to individual slides
Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for all the slides in your
presentation. To change a transition, simply select
your desired slide and choose a different transition.
To preview the transition, as shown in Figure 13-20,
hover your mouse over the transition effect.
For specifying transition settings, see the earlier section,
“Add the Same Transition to All Slides.”
Transitions are effects used to advance from one slide to the next.
Although transitions are fun, be careful about using too many
different kinds of transitions. You want your audience to pay attention
to your content, not be distracted by your special effects, or worse,
get motion sickness.
Figure 13-20: Preview the transition effect
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