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Apply a Custom Animation
Effect to Text or Objects
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
In Normal view, under the Slides tab, select the slide
that contains the text or object you want to animate.
Select the text or object on the slide. If you select the
text box placeholder, all the text within the box will
animate. Highlight individual sections of text within the
box to have them animate individually.
In the Ribbon, click the Animations tab. In the
Animations Group, click Custom Animation.
Figure 14-4: Add animation to individual objects and text
Photo Credit: PhotoSpin
In the Custom Animation task pane, shown in
Figure 14-4, select how you would like your text or
object to appear on the slide by clicking Add Effect
and selecting from the following:
Entrance: The object or text enters the slide show
with the animated effect.
Emphasis: The object or text is animated while it is
on the slide.
Exit: The object or text leaves the slide show with the
animated effect.
Motion Paths: The object or text moves by following a
specific path and direction. For details, see the
preceding section, “Create a Motion Path for Animations.”
Choose your desired animation effect from the submenu.
Choose More Effects to view the full list of effects. Once
applied, the effect is added to the list. A nonprinting
number appears next to your text or object, indicating
the order of the effect. The number also doesn’t appear
in the slide show. To rearrange the order, click the
Re-Order arrows at the bottom of the pane.
Figure 14-5: Specify the direction
and speed of your animation effect
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