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In the Custom Animation task pane, select your animated
effect from the list and then click the down-pointing
arrow to the right. You can also select all the effects and
click the arrow for the last one in the list.
To select all your bullets in one fell swoop, click the first bullet and
then Shift+click the last bullet. To select multiple nonconsecutive
bullets, click the first bullet and then Ctrl+click each of the other bullets.
From the menu, choose Effect Options, as shown in
Figure 14-9.
In the dialog box for your specific animation effect
(ours happens to be Faded Swivel), under the Effect tab,
select the desired enhancements. For the Faded Swivel
effect, your choices are as follows:
Sound: Select a sound effect to attach to your
animation. If you select Other Sound, navigate to your
desired sound on your hard drive. Set the volume
for your sound by clicking the speaker icon.
After animation: Choose whether to dim or hide
your text after the animation or after your next
mouse click, as shown in Figure 14-10. You can also
have your text or object change colors after the
animation. We chose gray to have our text turn to gray
after animation.
Animate text: Choose whether to have your bulleted
text animate all at once or by each word or letter. If
you choose by word or letter, specify the percentage
of delay between words or letters.
Figure 14-9: Enhance the effects of your bullets
Photo Credit: PhotoSpin
Figure 14-10: Specify your enhancement settings
Photo Credit: PhotoSpin
Click OK.
Click Play to preview the effect on your displayed slide.
Click Slide Show to play the presentation from your
displayed slide forward.
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