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Apply Effects Options to
Animated Text or Objects
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
In Normal view, under the Slides tab, select the slide
that contains the animation effect you want to enhance.
In the Ribbon, click the Animations tab. In the
Animations Group, click Custom Animation.
In the Custom Animation task pane, select your
animated effect from the list.
Figure 14-11: Add enhancements to your
animation effects
Photo Credit: PhotoSpin
Click the down arrow to the right and then choose
Effect Options from the context menu.
In the dialog box for your specific animation effect
(ours is a Line Custom Motion Path), under the Effect
tab, select the desired enhancements. For a motion path,
your choices are as follows:
Path: Choose from Unlocked or Locked. Choose
Unlocked, and when you move the object, the path
will move as well. Choose Locked, and when you
move the object, the path will not move. Either option
still enables you to edit or reposition the path.
Smooth Start/Smooth End: Select these check boxes,
shown in Figure 14-11, to smooth out the movement
of the animation as it enters or leaves the slide.
Auto-Reverse: The object will reverse the motion after
completing the first motion.
Sound: Select a sound effect to attach to your
animation. If you select Other Sound, navigate to your
desired sound on your hard drive.
Figure 14-12: Specify your animation timing
Photo Credit: PhotoSpin
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