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Set Timings for Slides
While Rehearsing
Open the presentation that you want to rehearse.
Click Slide Show in the Ribbon.
Click Rehearse Timings. Your slide show appears in
what PowerPoint refers to as rehearsal mode, displayed in
Full Screen mode with a clock showing elapsed time.
Practice your narration while the clock is moving and
press the Page Down or right/down arrow key to move
to the next slide. Continue scrolling through each slide
as you rehearse the narration.
Press the Esc key when finished or press the Page Down
or an arrow key to end the full screen view. A dialog box
opens and asks you whether you want to accept the
timings or start over. Click Yes, and your slides are
displayed in a Slide Sorter view with the elapsed time
between slides displayed in the Slide Sorter dialog box
(see Figure 15-4).
Figure 15-4: After rehearsing, your slides are shown with elapsed time per slide in
the Slider Sorter view
Establish Print Options
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Click the Microsoft Office button and choose Print.
In the Print submenu, choose Print to open the Print
dialog box.
Click Properties to open your printer driver Properties
dialog box. Make choices for paper size, page
orientation, and print attributes in the Printer Properties dialog
box and click OK (see Figure 15-5) to return to the Print
dialog box.
Figure 15-5: Specify your page orientation in the Printer Properties
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