Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Note that each printer has a unique set of options described in the
Print Properties dialog box. Click the tabs and review all panes to
become familiar with settings unique to your own desktop printer.
Select the page range in the Print dialog box (see
Figure 15-6).
From the Print What drop-down list, choose an option
to print. To print slides, select Slides.
Select a color mode. For proof prints select Grayscale
from the Color/Grayscale drop-down list to conserve ink
on color printers.
Click OK to print your slides.
Use Print Preview
Figure 15-6: Specify print attributes in the Print dialog box
Click the Microsoft Office button and choose Print.
From the Print submenu (see Figure 15-7), choose
Print Preview to open the Print Preview window (see
Figure 15-8).
Click Options to open the Options drop-down menu
and choose options for:
Header And Footer: Select this option to open the
Header And Footer dialog box. Enter your desired
header and footer text in the Header And Footer
dialog box. You can also choose to include the date
and time in the header or footer. Check Slide number
or Page number to have the number of the slide or
page appear in the footer of the slide, notes page, or
handout. Note that headers and footers on notes
pages and handouts are separate from the headers
and footers on slides.
Figure 15-7: Choose Print Preview from the Print
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