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Color/Grayscale: From the submenu, choose
whether to print in Color (be sure you’ve chosen a
color printer), Grayscale, or Pure Black And White.
Choosing Pure Black And White results in no gray
values in the print out.
Scale To Fit Paper: If you select this option, slides
will be sized to fit on your chosen paper size.
Frame Slides: This option adds a frame around each
printed slide.
Print Hidden Slides: If you select this option, slides
that you have designated to be hidden remain hidden
but do print.
Print Comment And Ink Markup: Select this option
to enable reviewer comments and ink markups to
print. For more on comments and ink markups, see
Chapter 16.
Printing Order: When printing handouts with 4, 6,
or 0 slides, choose whether to print in order
horizontally or vertically, from the submenu commands.
Figure 15-8: Click Options and choose a printing option
Click Print.
Note that you can also set the preceding print options in the Print
dialog box.
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