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Change the Opening Default View
Open PowerPoint and click the Design tab.
When you open PowerPoint, the current default theme is used on a
blank new slide. If no slide appears in the PowerPoint window, open
the Microsoft Office drop-down menu and choose New. Double-click
the Blank Presentation icon to open a slide with the current default
theme. (You can’t change a theme to a new default without at least
one slide appearing in the PowerPoint window. )
Open a context menu on the new theme you want to
appear as your new default.
If the theme you want to use doesn’t appear in the Design tab, click
the More down arrow to open the All Themes window. Select a new
theme, and the theme thumbnail moves to the Design tab. At this
point, you can open a context menu on the thumbnail.
Figure 1-13: Choose Set As Default Theme from a context menu to change the
default theme
Select Set As Default Theme (see Figure 1-13).
Quit PowerPoint. Press Alt+F4 or click the Microsoft
Office icon and choose Exit PowerPoint at the bottom
of the drop-down menu.
Relaunch PowerPoint. A new blank slide appears with
your new default theme design.
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