Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Print an Outline
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
In the View tab, click Normal and click the Outline tab
next to the Slides tab, as shown in Figure 15-11.
Open a context menu on a slide icon in Outline view
and choose Expand
Expand all to expand all outline
bullet points.
Click the Microsoft Office icon and choose Print
Print Preview. On the Print Preview toolbar, choose
Outline View from the Print What drop-down menu,
as shown in Figure 15-12.
Specify additional print options, as we describe in the
earlier section, “Establish Print Options.”
Figure 15-11: Expand your outline to display all text
Click the Print button.
You may want to print your outline to use during a slide show to
keep yourself on track as to what topics are coming up as you
progress through your presentation. Using an outline allows you to
have an overall global view of your presentation material. Note that
when you have text on a slide specified as white text, PowerPoint
automatically changes the text to black when you select Outline
View in the Print Preview dialog box.
Figure 15-12: Print an outline
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