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Send Handouts, Notes, or an
Outline to Microsoft Word
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Click the Microsoft Office icon and choose PowerPoint
Open the Commands Not In Ribbon menu and choose
Send To Microsoft Word. Click the Add button to add
the menu to the Quick Access Toolbar and click OK
(see Figure 15-13).
Click the Send To Microsoft Office Word tool to open
the Send To Microsoft Word dialog box, shown in 15-14.
Select the desired page layout for your presentation:
Notes Next To Slides: Sets up a two-column layout
with slides on the left and notes on the right.
Blank Lines Next To Slides: Sets up a two-column
layout with blank lines adjacent to slides.
Notes Below Slides: Adds notes below each slide.
Blank Lines Below Slides: Adds blank lines below
each slide.
Outline Only: Choose Outline Only to export the
outline to a Word file.
Figure 15-13: Add the Send To Microsoft Word tool to the Quick Access Toolbar
If you choose Handouts or Notes, specify whether you want to add the
slides to Word as embedded files (Paste) or linked files (Paste link).
Note that if you link the files, when you update them in PowerPoint,
they’ll also be updated in Word.
Click OK.
Your chosen presentation information appears as a new
document in Word. Edit, format, and print the
information as desired.
Figure 15-14: Specify what elements you
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