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Optimize Slide Show Performance
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Click Slide Show in the Ribbon and click Set Up Slide
Show (see Figure 15-15) to open the Set Up Show
dialog box.
Figure 15-15: Click Slide Show and click Set Up Slide Show
Under Performance, select the Use Hardware Graphics
Acceleration check box, shown in Figure 15-16. If your
graphics card supports this option, PowerPoint will
implement it.
Under Performance, select 640 x 480 from the Slide
Show Resolution drop-down list. Note that although
this setting yields the fastest performance, it also yields
the lowest fidelity, or quality. Click OK.
Click the View tab and click Slide Show to view your
show with the edited settings. If you see any problems,
go back to the default settings.
Click the Tips button in the Set Up Show dialog box to get further
information on how to improve slide show performance.
Figure 15-16: Improve your slide show performance if it
appears sluggish
Another thing you can do to improve the performance of the slide
show is to work with your animations. Try reducing the size of your
animated pictures. Also try to limit your use of animations that fade,
rotate, or change size. Finally, limit your use of animated objects
that include gradients or transparency.
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