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Use Office Diagnostics
Click the Microsoft Office icon to open the
dropdown menu.
Choose PowerPoint Options to open the PowerPoint
Options dialog box, shown in Figure 16-1.
Click Resources in the left pane.
Click Diagnose to the right of Office Diagnostics to
open the Microsoft Office Diagnostics dialog box.
All Microsoft Office programs have a self-healing feature that can
detect and repair problems. When you run office diagnostics in any
Office program, the Microsoft Office Diagnostics feature can often
repair problems, such as failure to launch, frequent crashes, and
features lost, that you may experience using the programs. When
using features related to sharing files, you may have other
programs in your Office suite that might have problems and are
required to use a feature in PowerPoint. When you experience
problems, your first effort at diagnosis and repair should be to use
the steps outlined in this section.
Figure 16-1: Choose Diagnose in the PowerPoint Options dialog box
Microsoft Office Diagnostics runs automatically when
opening the Microsoft Office Diagnostics dialog box
shown in Figure 16-2. Let the diagnosis finish before
doing anything else on your computer.
Click Continue when the diagnosis is finished for repairs
that can be made with Microsoft Office Diagnostics.
If you find links to Microsoft’s Web site in the diagnosis
repair reported in the Microsoft Office Diagnostics
dialog box, click the links and view descriptions on how to
repair problems.
Figure 16-2: Run diagnostics automatically via the Microsoft Office Diagnostics
dialog box
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