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Save a Presentation as XML
Paper Specification
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Click the Microsoft Office icon and click Save As.
Click PDF or XPS in the Save As submenu, as shown in
Figure 16-11.
In the Publish As PDF Or XPS dialog box shown in
Figure 16-12, make the following selections.
File Name: Type a filename for your XPS document.
Save As Type: By default, XPS Document appears as
the file type. Leave the menu choice at the default.
Open File After Publishing: If you have an XPS viewer
installed on your computer, the file opens in the XPS
viewer after saving when this check box is checked.
Standard (Publishing Online And Printing): Check
this box to preserve graphic image resolutions and
keep the file optimized for printing.
Minimum Size (Publishing Online): For Web
hosting and screen viewing, click this radio button to
reduce file sizes.
Options: Click the Options button, and a number of
choices are available similar to options you have when
printing a PowerPoint file. You can choose the slides to
export, choose note pages for exporting speaker notes,
handouts for exporting audience handouts, or an
outline view to export the outline text. Choose
nonprinting metadata information and preserve permissions.
Publish: Click the Publish button to save the file in
XPS format.
Figure 16-11: Click PDF or XPS to save a file in XPS format
Figure 16-12: Choose Options for exporting to XPS
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