Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Add Metadata to PowerPoint Files
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Click the Microsoft Office icon and choose Finish from
the drop-down menu.
Click Properties from the submenu to open the
Properties Ribbon, shown in Figure 16-17.
Figure 16-17: Add document properties to your presentation
Document property information is stored as document metadata
contained in your file and viewable in various dialog boxes and
other areas, such as the Properties Ribbon. You can store document
metadata in files that is useful with applications that can search
metadata to help you quickly locate files on your hard drive or a
Add descriptions to the text boxes.
Click the Microsoft Office button and choose Save As.
Save the file, and the document metadata records with
the file save.
Create a Self-Running Kiosk
Figure 16-18: Create a show to run itself at a kiosk
Open the presentation in PowerPoint.
Click the Slide Show tab in the Ribbon.
Click Set Up Slide Show in the Slide Show Ribbon to
open the Set Up Show dialog box.
In the Set Up Show dialog box, shown in Figure 16-18,
select the Browsed At A Kiosk (Full Screen) option. Be
sure to add automatic timings so that the slides advance
automatically. If you want users to control the show,
add action buttons so that they can click to advance the
slides. (For more on action buttons, see Chapter 11.)
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