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Hold an Online Meeting
In PowerPoint, open the presentation you want to use
in the meeting.
Click the Microsoft Office icon and choose PowerPoint
Options. In the PowerPoint Options dialog box, open
the Choose Custom Commands drop-down menu and
scroll down to the Commands Not In Ribbon item.
Click the Meet Now tool and click Add to add the tool
to the Quick Access toolbar.
Click OK in the PowerPoint Options dialog box and
click the Meet Now tool. Note that to participate in
an online meeting, participants must have Microsoft
Windows NetMeeting running on their computers. They
must also be logged in to a directory server. If you’ve
used NetMeeting before, proceed to Step 5.
Figure 16-19: Select your meeting participants in the Find Someone dialog box
If this is the first time you’ve used NetMeeting, you see
the NetMeeting dialog box. Enter your information.
Click OK.
For users of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, a similar type of meeting
button appears in all Acrobat 8 viewers. If you routinely work between
Office applications and Acrobat, click the Start Meeting button to create
a free trial account with Acrobat Connect. Acrobat Connect enables you
to host your own personal meeting room where up to 15 users can view
any document on your computer via their Web browser.
In the Find Someone dialog box, shown in Figure 16-19,
select the directory server that your desired participants
are logged in to from the Select a Directory drop-down
list. Select a participant’s name from the list. Click Call.
Repeat this process for all your desired participants.
Click Close to close the Find Someone dialog box. Any
participants who have accepted the meeting request will
appear in the Participants list on the Online Meeting
toolbar that appears when you close the dialog box.
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