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Customize Tools
Open PowerPoint and click the Microsoft Office icon.
Click PowerPoint Options at the bottom of the menu to
open the PowerPoint Options window (see Figure 2-1).
Click Customization in the left pane and click the down
arrow to the right of File under Choose Commands
From to open the drop-down menu (see Figure 2-2).
The menu opens to display a list of the top-level menus by menu
name and a list of tools.
Click View to display the View menu choices, and the
right pane in the PowerPoint Options window changes
to reflect the View menu items (see Figure 2-3).
Figure 2-1: Click an item in the left pane and
click Add to move it to the right pane
Click <Separator> at the top of the menu.
Click the Add button in the middle of the Window to
add a Separator bar to the right pane.
Adding a Separator bar divides a new tool group in the Quick Access
menu bar from the default tools appearing in the Quick Access
Toolbar. You can add as many Separator bars as you like to divide
up the tools. Unlike the commands and tools below the
<Separator> item, the <Separator> does not disappear from the
left pane when you click the Add button. Clicking any item below
the <Separator> moves that item to the right pane while removing
it from the left pane.
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