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Try using some keyboard shortcuts by first pressing Alt,
then press the following characters on your keyboard:
• Press the W key on your keyboard to open another
set of keyboard shortcuts for the View menu options.
• Press M on your keyboard to display the Slide
Master view.
Below the Quick Access Toolbar, you find the Ribbon. The Ribbon
commands are respective to the tab selected at the top of the Ribbon. For
example, click the Home tab, and the Ribbon displays a variety of tools
for Clipboard actions, Slides options, text formatting, and editing. Click
another tab, and all the tools change in the Ribbon. Below each category
of tools, you find a name for the tool set. For example, in the Home tab,
you find names across the bottom of the Ribbon for Clipboard, Slides,
Font, Paragraph, Word Art Styles, and Editing. Open a context menu on
any name of a given tool set, and the context menu includes a command
to add the tool set to the Quick Access Toolbar.
Practice by clicking the Alt key to access the first level of keyboard
shortcuts and press a character on your keyboard to open a menu,
access a tool, or change a view.
Add Ribbon Tools to the
Quick Access Toolbar
Figure 2-7: Open a context menu on a tool set name and select Add To Quick Access
Open PowerPoint and click one of the tabs on the
Right-click a category bar beneath one of the sections to
open the context menu (see Figure 2-7).
Click Add to Quick Access Toolbar from the menu
Figure 2-8: Click a tool icon to open a menu and make a menu selection
Click a tab in the Ribbon to display different tools.
Right-click to open a context menu on a different tool
set name.
You can continue adding tools to the Quick Access Toolbar for all
frequently used tools. The advantage of adding tools to the Quick Access
Toolbar is that you can have one tab displayed with tools in the Ribbon
and other tools available in the Quick Access Toolbar. You can select tools
from the Quick Access Toolbar without changing the Ribbon view. As
tools are added to the Quick Access Toolbar, a down arrow appears
adjacent to the tool icon. Click the arrow to open a menu where options for
the toolset are selected.
Click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.
Open a menu on a tool added to the Quick Access
Toolbar by clicking the icon and making a menu
selection (see Figure 2-8).
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