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Get Help in PowerPoint
The Microsoft Office PowerPoint Help document is an independent file.
Move the document around by dragging the title bar. Minimize,
maximize, and close the Help window by clicking the appropriate button in the
top right corner. Note that when you’re using online help, help
documents are shown from files stored on Microsoft’s Web site. If using Help
while working offline, documents are displayed from files stored on your
hard drive that were added when you installed Microsoft Office 2007.
Open PowerPoint, and click the Question mark icon on
the far right side of the Ribbon or press the F1 key on
your keyboard. The PowerPoint Help window opens
(see Figure 2-9).
When accessing help information, you don’t need to have a slide
document open in PowerPoint.
To find help information, do one of the following:
• Type a Help topic to search in the text box adjacent
to the Search item in the PowerPoint Help window.
• Click an item in the Table of Contents listed below the
Browse PowerPoint Help text in the PowerPoint Help
window. When the Topics pane is shown after clicking
one of the Table of Contents items, click a topic to
review help information respective of the topic.
If you want a hard copy of a Help item, you can easily print the
Help topic window by clicking the Printer icon or pressing Ctrl+P.
The Print dialog box opens. Make a selection for your printer and
choose the page range for the pages to be printed.
Click a Table of Contents item to open a Topics pane
listing topic items for the respective Table of Contents item.
Figure 2-9: Click the question mark icon at the top right corner
of the Ribbon or press F1 to open the Help window
Click an item in the Topics list, and the Help
document displays information on the selected item (see
Figure 2-10).
To expand the pane so that you can read more
comfortably, click the Maximize button in the top right corner
of the Help document.
To find help on additional topics, click the Home icon
in the top left corner of the Help document to return to
the Table of Contents pane.
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