Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Click Outline Only in the Send To Microsoft Office
Word dialog box (see Figure 3-7). Note that you have
other options in the Send to Microsoft Office Word
dialog box:
Notes Next To Slides: Export slides and notes to
Microsoft Word with the notes appearing adjacent to
the right of the slides.
Blank Lines Next To Slides: Export slides with lines
next to the slides where you can add your own
comments and notes in the Word file.
Notes Below Slides: Export a single slide to a page
with notes appearing below each slide.
Blank Lines Below Slides: Places a single slide on
each page with lines below each slide.
Outline Only: Exports no slides to Word. The outline
text is exported as a Word .doc file.
Figure 3-7: Click Outline only
Click OK, and your file is exported directly to Microsoft
Office Word. MS Office Word opens automatically, and
your outline appears in a new document window (see
Figure 3-8).
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