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Format Text Attributes
You can also change font attributes on a master slide in a presentation
and apply all changes globally to all slides having the same master. For
more information on working with master slides, see Chapter 8.
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Click the Home tab if the tab isn’t currently in view.
Click a slide in the Slides tab where you want to change
a text font.
In the text placeholder on the slide, right-click the
mouse to open a context menu (see Figure 4-5).
Choose from the following:
Font: Open the Font dialog box where various font
attributes can be changed.
Font toolbar: Make font style and font type choices
in the Font toolbar appearing above the context menu.
Make font attribute choices for selecting a new font and
font style.
Using the Font toolbar shown in Figure 4-6, do the
Change Font: Click the down arrow to the right of
the default font name to open the font menu and
select a new font.
Change Point Size: Click the down arrow to open
the point size menu (to the right of the Font menu)
and select a new point size.
Figure 4-5: Open a slide presentation and select text on a slide
Figure 4-6: Use the Font toolbar to change font attributes
Note that you can also type a new point size in the Size text box.
You can establish point sizes up to one-half a point size (for
example, 52.5).
Change the font style: Click the B, I or both B and
I icons in the Font toolbar to bold and/or italicize
the font.
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