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Set Indents and Tabs
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Figure 4-9: Click View and check Ruler to show the ruler above a slide
Click the View tab in the Ribbon.
Click the Ruler check box in the Ribbon (see Figure 4-9).
Click and drag the bottom slider to move the text. Click and drag the top
slider to move the bullet. You can also add leading indents by moving
the top slider to the right of the bottom slider. To add additional tabs,
click the ruler where you want a new tab to appear.
Drag the sliders in the ruler to reset the tabs.
Click the tab selector on the left side of the ruler until
the tab you want to use appears. Your choices include
the following:
Left tab: The first marker and default at the top left
corner of the slide window, represented by an L shape,
is a left tab marker. Left-align text with this tab.
Center tab: Click the Left tab marker and the tab is
changed to a Center tab. Select this tab to center text
on the tab marker.
Right tab: Click the Center tab marker (or click twice
when the Left tab marker is shown) and the tab
changes to a Right tab marker. Right-align text with
this tab.
Decimal tab: Click the Right tab marker and the tab
changes to a Decimal tab. Use this marker to align
decimal points.
If you want to change tabs on a single slide, you can click a slide in the
Slides pane, click View, and then check the Ruler check box. Adjust the
tabs on the ruler, and the new tab settings are applied only to the
selected slide. If you want to edit the tabs on a master slide, click the View
tab and then click Slide Master. Click Edit Master and select the master
slide you want to change in the Slides pane. All new tab adjustments are
then applied to the selected slide master.
Click inside a paragraph or select multiple paragraphs
by dragging the cursor through the text.
Click a tab marker on the ruler where you want a tab.
Click the Tab Marker Selector to change tabs and click
in the ruler where you want another tab. Repeat the
steps to add a few different tabs (see Figure 4-10).
Figure 4-10: Drag tabs in the ruler to move them and click in the ruler to add a new tab
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