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Add a New Text Placeholder
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Click the View tab in the Ribbon.
Click the Slide Master tab in the Ribbon. Click a slide in the Slides
pane where you want to add a new placeholder. Note that default
slide masters have a master slide where you find only placeholders
for a title and a footer. Use one of these masters when you want to
add a placeholder in the body of a slide.
Open the Insert Placeholder drop-down menu and select
the item you want to insert. If text is what you want, for
example, choose Text from the menu commands (see
Figure 4-11). Drag the cursor to create a rectangle where
the new placeholder will be positioned.
Figure 4-11: Select Insert Placeholder and choose the placeholder type you want from
the menu choices
After you select an item from the drop-down menu, the cursor changes
to a crosshair shape. When you see the cursor change, draw a
rectangle where you want the placeholder to be located on the slide.
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