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Organize Slides in the Slide Sorter
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Click View and click the Slide Sorter button.
Alternatively, you can click the Slide Sorter button in the Status bar.
Note that the Slide Sorter button is to the right of the Normal View
button and to the left of the Slide View button.
Click the Zoom tool in the View tab to open the Zoom
dialog box.
Click a zoom level radio button or type a value in the
Percent text box (see Figure 4-15) and click OK.
Click a slide thumbnail and drag it to a location
between two slides.
Figure 4-15: Click the zoom tool to open the Zoom dialog box. Click a zoom level,
click OK, and then drag a slide to the desired location
When you move a slide either between two slides or to
the far left of a slide in a row, a vertical line appears.
Release the mouse button, and the slide drops between
the slides on either side of the vertical line.
Click Normal in the View tab to return to Normal view.
Delete a Slide
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Open the Slides tab.
Click a slide thumbnail of a slide you want to delete.
Right-click and choose Delete Slide from the context
menu (see Figure 4-16).
Alternatively, you can select a slide in the Slides pane and press the
Delete (Del) key on your keyboard to delete a slide.
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