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Copy and Paste between Slides
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Open the Slides tab and click a slide in your presentation.
Right-click to open a context menu on the slide you
want to copy.
Choose Copy from the menu commands (see
Figure 4-17).
Open the document where you want to paste a slide.
Click the slide preceding the position where you want
the new slide to appear to select it.
Right-click to open a context menu and choose Paste
(see Figure 4-18).
Figure 4-17: Open a context menu and select Copy to copy a slide
The pasted slide is inserted in the position immediately after the
selected slide. If you inadvertently paste a slide in a different position,
open the slide sorter and move the slides around your presentation
as desired.
Figure 4-18 : Click a slide in the target document where you want a slide to follow
and open a context menu and select Paste
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