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Add Headers and Footers
Open a presentation in PowerPoint.
Open the Slides pane.
Click a slide to which you want to apply a header
and/or footer.
Ctrl+click to select multiple slides for adding a header and/or
footer if you want headers/footers added to individual slides.
Click the Insert tab.
Figure 5-1: The Header And Footer dialog box
Click Header & Footer in the Text area of the Ribbon to
open the Header And Footer dialog box (see Figure 5-1).
Make choices for the following:
Date And Time : Check the box, choose a date/time
format, and click Update Automatically to make a
choice from the drop-down menu.
If you don’t select the Update Automatically radio button, the
dropdown menu is inaccessible, and PowerPoint assumes that you want
to add your own fixed date format by clicking Fixed and adding a
date to the text box below the Fixed radio button.
Update Automatically: Check the radio button to
update the current date each time the presentation is
Fixed: Click the Fixed radio button and type a date/
time in the text box.
When you include a date and time in your slide show, the date/time
is derived from your system clock. When you add a fixed date/time,
you can add any date/time value you desire in the text box, and that
date remains fixed no matter when the presentation is opened.
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