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Apply a Theme to a
New Slide Master
Create a new master slide in a blank presentation or any
presentation you have where you want a new master
slide added to the document.
Add placeholders for the content you want to display on
your new master (see Figure 6-3).
When you create a new slide master, the new master is added in the
Slides pane below all the other masters for a given presentation.
You can add additional masters that will be nested in the same
group as your new slide master. You can also add multiple
variations of slide masters to a presentation.
Select the new slide master in the Slides pane.
Figure 6-3: Add placeholders to a new slide master
Click Themes in the Ribbon to open the Themes
dropdown menu.
Note that you need the Ribbon view to appear with the Slide Master
tab selected in order to use the Themes options.
Select a Theme from the Built-In Themes options (see
Figure 6-4).
When you select a Theme and apply the new theme to a new
master slide, all masters within a given theme are added to your new
master. The master slides appearing in a hierarchy with all masters
within a theme are displayed as child items below the parent new
master, as shown in Figure 6-4.
Click View and click Normal to return to Normal view.
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