Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Edit a Handout Master
Open an existing presentation in PowerPoint.
Click View in the Ribbon.
Click handout master in the View Ribbon.
Click Slide Orientation to open the Slide Orientation
drop-down menu.
Click Landscape to create a Landscape page (see
Figure 6-11).
Figure 6-11: Click Slide Orientation to
change the orientation of the handouts
Click Slides-per-page to open the Slides-per-page
dropdown menu.
Select an option from the menu choices for the number
of slides you want to appear on a single page handout
(see Figure 6-12).
If you want a background style and background color, click the
Background Styles and Colors buttons to open pop-up menus where
you add and change these items.
Figure 6-12: Click Slides-per-page to open a menu where the number of slides on a
single handout is selected
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