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Use the Drawing Toolbar
Create a new blank presentation in PowerPoint by
pressing Ctrl+N.
Click the text placeholders and press the Delete (Del)
key on your keyboard.
Click the Insert tab in the Ribbon.
PowerPoint 2007 moves the drawing tools from a toolbar to a
popup menu at the left side of the Insert tab.
Click the More down arrow to open the drawing shapes
pop-up menu (see Figure 7-1).
Choose an object from one of the groups.
Figure 7-1: The Drawing tools pop-up menu
Move the cursor to a slide and drag to create the shape
(see Figure 7-2). In this example, the Sun object was
selected from the Basic Shapes tool group and drawn on
the slide. The tool groups include
Recently used shapes: Choose from drawing tools
used recently in a PowerPoint presentation.
Lines: Click a Line tool and drag the cursor in the
Slide window to create a line. Straight lines, lines
with arrowheads, curved lines, polygon lines, and
irregular shapes are available in this group.
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